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Welcome to Blackwell Hearing Center, specializing in fitting our patients with high-quality hearing instruments and providing the support services that make our products the best solution for most people's hearing losses.

At Blackwell Hearing Center we strive to provide our patients with the maximum satisfaction with their hearing aids. We are dedicated to working with our patients until they achieve hearing correction best suited to their individual needs.

Our process begins with a state-of-the -art hearing evaluation, to determine the exact nature of your specific hearing loss, and how your type of loss is affecting your daily life. Ear function is measured using PC-based audiometer and tympanometer modules, which automatically provide a starting point for fitting a hearing aid specifically to suit your exact needs.

With all hearing aids dispensed by Blackwell Hearing Center, we provide† free hearing evaluations, unlimited re-programming of hearing aids, and periodic check-ups,and consultations- †all at no additional cost.

We are active in the community as well, and will gladly come speak to your organization about "Understanding Hearing Loss" or other hearing-related issues under our "Ask an Audiologist" program.

We have initiated a "Batteries for Life*" program, offering free batteries during the warranty period for all hearing aids sold by Blackwell Hearing Center.† Typical warranties last from one to four years, depending on make and model.

As we continue to improve our web site, please visit often. We will soon add a link to our "Ask an Audiologist" events, so watch for them coming soon!

We believe Blackwell Hearing Center can be the difference between being satisfied with your hearing aids, or not being satisfied. Please come visit us to see how we might help improve your quality of life today.


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